“I’m adopted. Big deal – so was Superman. And I can say that my life was instantly changed 30 years ago when my parents made the ultimate decision – to adopt.”

Hands down, I have learned everything I know about style from my mother. She worked in retail for the greater majority of her life, as well as managed and produced fashion shows for local boutiques. While growing up, she would let me “assist” her – which really meant a lot of sitting and staring at all of the beautiful people who were there. And it is my mother who taught me that refined style and sophistication, with a pinch of unpredictability, is the recipe for any great outfit.

Over the years, I have realized that the fashion world is one of adoption – we take in items and give them a home – we also observe trends and ways to style our wardrobes on the runway, on the street or on a particularly fashionable friend and adopt our favorite elements, making them our own.




I believe that adoption is one of the most exciting parts of life. Whether it is adding to our families or adding to our wardrobes, when we say, “you’re coming home with me,” we get to be an active part of shaping our own destiny.

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